seasonal depression; 5 most common symptoms

seasonal depression; 5 most common symptoms

seasonal depression; also known as seasonal affective disorder and abbreviated as (SAD). many people suffer from this disorder with changes of four seasons of the year, especially the dark gloomy seasons or those cold days that are not sunny, as some of the emotional mood changes occur with the great imbalance in the feelings such as distress and sadness, as well as the inability of an individual to live in a sound and healthy manner as before, and because we feel the difficulty of what you are going through, moreover, we will help you to identify this disease with its symptoms and therapy and how to treat it and overcome this ordeal.

seasonal depression symptoms

A picture showing the most dangerous symptoms of seasonal depression
The most important signs of seasonal depression

seasonal depression; often at the end of the fall season and the begging of the winter season, but it doesn’t mean at all that other disorders don’t occur in other seasons, such as spring and summer, yes, it does occur, but in a somewhat lesser way than that which occurred in winter or dark months.

its symptoms continue throughout the disease period, so severity and strength vary between mild, medium, or strong, depending on one person to another. it’s worth noting that a lot of people ask about How do u know if you have seasonal depression. and in the context of talking about the symptoms in this order, we will show the most dangerous 5 common symptoms as follows:

Sadness and gloom

one of the most common symptoms of (SAD) is you find yourself most of the time in a state of intense sadness and gloom, and you don’t know its source or cause, you don’t know except that you don’t feel well, as well as the feeling of distress and nervousness from the most trivial things to the important ones, and you cannot bear to talk to other.

Feeling lethargic or lazy is a symptom of seasonal depression

a deep state of inactivity, lethargy, and laziness, that makes you feel that you are not unable to do anything in your life, as your vitality and activity rates are lower than usual with low productivity and poor daily performance.

for example of this maybe you have an important interview or a specific project you are working on that has already been prepared, but when the time comes you discover you no longer have the ability to perform your project and assignment.

Desire to be isolated and introverted

the concept of leaving the house or your haven is a threat to you and your feeling of reassurance, that is, you don’t want to meet anyone or deal with anyone, and if this happens, there will be a lot of mixed and complex feelings of embarrassment and shyness with distress and blues.

 General weakness in focus and attention

Distraction, lack of focus, and poor attention are very important symptoms that may appear on you during those periods this year, as well as your thoughts scattering and disintegrating in the various matters of your life so that you stand confused and lost between these thoughts and reflections.

suicidal tendencies and harmful thoughts

these are the most dangerous symptoms that a person with this disorder may experience. a person has reached the threshold by which he cannot live, finding him thinking about suicide and death in a big way, talking about his death and salvation from this life and ending it in every talk that takes place, if he isn’t initially appended and treated in the right manner with the competent physician, we will arrive what is ominous!!

In any case, if these symptoms or similar things show up in you, don’t hesitate to communicate with the doctor or relevant institutions. to be well and restore your productivity, energy, and psychological health. therefore, we will provide you with some proposals and solutions to learn how to get through and treat that disease.

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seasonal depression treatment

The person is trying to reach out for treatment to get rid of seasonal depression
The most important treatments for seasonal depression

on the whole, there are multiple types of treatments to fight this depression for example psychotherapy, medications, and light therapy. also, there is another type of treatment, it’s about modification and allocation of a healthy lifestyle to get rid of seasonal affective disorder. we will explain here the first choice and the latest way for healing from depression and that is light therapy.

seasonal affective disorder light therapy

the first option for treating seasonal depression, especially for those who have that seasonal affective disorder. it’s real, very effective, and safe. its also used for many mental and physiological health conditions such as bipolar, schizophrenia, and severe depression. and now it’s time to recognize its advantages and disadvantages.

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light therapy advantage

  • you can get a light therapy lamp by renting or buying it, and use the lamp in the house as you wish, when you read, listen to music, or do any activities in your home easily.
  • minimal version of ultraviolet radiation, so it’s the best alternative to harmful sunlight.
  • the light box therapy must offer 10000 Lex units of light.
  • you can use it any time of the day, but the better use for it will be in the morning when you have a coffee and read your book, which helps you so much for getting over this depression.
  • the light therapy non-surgical, or non-medical. therefore, it’s the latest way to address this disorder.

light therapy disadvantage

  • may cause some complications such as dizziness, exhaustion, and a little headache.
  • its cost is high, so not all people can pay for it, so It will likely not be the best treatment for that depression for everyone.
  • eyestrain, maybe the light therapy causes this, particularly because it needs a lot of time to heal happens.

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healthy lifestyle One of the most effective ways to treat the seasonal affective disorder

In this paragraph, we will help you in more than one way to try to live healthily and properly alleviate the symptoms of this disorder, if you follow the next steps:

Get Moving

Always move every day by running and walking for an hour every day in the open air, which is enough to help you get relaxation, and also help you get rid of excess weight.

Vitamin D

Try to get this vitamin through your food and drinks, and expose yourself to sunlight at times when the sun’s ultraviolet rays are few. The lack of vitamin D in the body leads to many disorders and depression such as social anxiety disorder Of course besides seasonal affective disorder, you should pay attention to this recipe.

stay sociable

Do not satisfy your inner desire for isolation and indulge in negative thoughts inside your room. Go out and talk to friends and loved ones and make them your priority. Speak and talk to them as much as is required to change your affection.

Alcohol and smoking

Try as much as possible to get rid of those harmful things from your life because they destroy your physical and psychological health, so I make sure to leave them to start a new, healthy and peaceful life by preserving your body and psyche.

We have tried as much as possible to provide information about seasonal depression, its symptoms, how to treat it, as well as some effective ways to get rid of it or even reduce its severity. With an explanation of the latest and most recent treatments for disorder and depression, which is light therapy, with an indication of its advantages and disadvantages. We also explained some effective and feasible ways for a healthy and sound life, to try to reduce depression and interact more flexibly in your life.


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