what are the 7ps of marketing mix

what are the 7ps of marketing mix

7ps of marketing mix; is a well-known marketing strategy, created by E. Jean Jerome McCarthy in 1960 through his basic marketing book. Also, the marketing mix elements were initially 4ps of marketing, they are traditional and ordinary elements, consisting of product, price, place, and promotion. But after research and updates, 3ps of the marketing mix was recent as people, process, and physical evidence added to become the full number 7ps of marketing mix, which is the topic of our article today to elaborate on their explanation what are the 7ps of marketing mix?

1- product is 1st p of marketing mix

The product needs deep studies and accurate analysis of the current market and customers or target group to sell it, and of course do not forget your competitors, for example, you can do a SWOT analysis to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your product compared to the products of your competitors.

you can ask yourself several questions and answer them to help you develop a good marketing mix plan for you. What are the problems facing customers? Does the product address and solve the problem by cam percent?

There is also the digital marketing mix that is indispensable today and you cannot ignore it in any way, for example, SEO for your blog or website, as well as paid ads on social media, marketing through celebrities or influencers, digital advertising campaigns including videos, etc.

However, there are some points that I would like to share with you that are important to take into account when studying your product, so let me show them to you in the following:

  • quality

As the purchase decision depends largely on the quality of the product and the extent to which it conforms to the required specifications that the customer needs, and in turn satisfies the customer’s desires.
Therefore, consider the following criteria: Verify the quality of the raw materials involved in the manufacture of the product, follow the necessary steps to manufacture the product, and take care of the cleanliness of machinery and equipment With the cleanliness of the factory as a whole, you can contract with a pesticide company to ensure the cleanliness of the place, and finally you can communicate and follow up on complaints to your customers and solve their problems.

  • branding

Forming an independent character for the product and a story to tell and tell about it, because this would help to enter new markets and target new potential customers, as well as a kind of sense of trust and loyalty to the public and customers and distinguish that brand from others, which has already been prepared by experts and specialists professionally to complete its mission to the fullest.

marketing mix is a familiar marketing strategy is followed by many successful companies, such as: mcdonald’s marketing mix. It differs from traditional marketing mix, which is one of the forms of modern marketing. Be smart in your promotion, and be creative, and developed your marketing strategy. ps marketing mix model helps companies to market their products and services well.

These are some of the points that pertain to the product that is in the 7ps of marketing mix.

An image with a variety of products on a shopping cart within the 7ps of marketing mix
product is (1st p) of marketing mix

2-Price from ps marketing mix

Price is 2nd p from 7ps of marketing mix, Most of the time you will need a lengthy study of the market and competitors’ price analyses and compare them with your prices, you may need to reduce the prices of your product at times or increase it at times.

all of it is based on a tight strategy you have, and of course to have accurate calculations of the costs of the product to manufacture it as well as all operational costs, as all of the above determines with you the price of the product.

Not to mention keeping an eye on your competitors and their promotions and prices, try as much as possible to offer your products at competitive prices and offers that are suitable for you and your customer with promotional content that attracts and attracts the attention of your customer.

You can also create discounts and offers to encourage selling and competition, with digitization tools such as marketing discounts and offers via email as an exclusive example and its help for 7p of marketing.

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An image with a group of products within A place within the 7ps of marketing mix

We have reached 3rd p of marketing mix from the basic 4ps of marketing, Here we mean the place where the customer may reach to buy your product or service or even to know more information about it. So there are some places, such as the classic traditional ways of marketing through a salesperson or through events, as well as places where your product is located inside physical stores.

This does not mean at all that we marginalize the role of stores, websites, or social media and in any way the place of the product or service via the Internet

A product from 7ps of marketing mix or service may need to be present in traditional non-digital places and may need a digital presence rather than a traditional presence, and it may need both to make the best of it. Note that the selection of presence channels is based on strategic foundations and plans after studies and analysis of the market, competitors, customers, and their locations.

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4-promotion the last traditional p in 7p of marketing

promotion is 4th p from 7ps of marketing mix. This point is explained in particular, because it is a large branch of the marketing mix, but here we will try to explain and summarize it and benefit you as much as possible.

Promoting your product or service, in general, publicizes your brand and makes it in a semi-permanent state in the customer’s mind, and the correct and good promotional ads suitable for the target group contribute to increasing sales very significantly.

Always focus on developing your promotion plan and strategies and know that what was appropriate yesterday is no longer the case today. If you are keen on innovation in marketing and advertising and what he wants for the customer and what he needs, and because the field of marketing and sales is changing and renewed in a way that cannot be accommodated, stay tuned.

There are two types of promotion, which are either traditional (print media, printed billboards, direct mail, promotional oral speech, and street posters). The second type is e-marketing such as (advertising content marketing, incoming email, pages on social media (like Facebook, Instagram, snapchat), and a blog or website that contains introductory articles and promotional articles for your product or service) to name a few.

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5-people one of p’s of marketing

An image with a large group of people's drawings, to show that people are one of the p's of marketing
people one of p’s of marketing

the 5th p from 7ps of marketing mix, People Here we do not only mention customers or potential customers as well as the target group of your company or product but what we mean is everyone involved in the buying and selling process, starting from the company’s employees and from the smallest worker or manufacturer of the product to the buyer or potential customer.

We will talk a little about the term customer service and customer satisfaction, why? Because most customers who change companies or products are dissatisfied with customer service and the ways and methods that customer service representatives speak.

All company workers and employees must stand next to each other as marketers, employee trainers, and skills and be sufficiently professional and professional.

Try to pay attention to after-sales services to customers, because they build trust between the customer and the product or brand and enhance their loyalty to the company or your brand, in addition to that it strengthens word-of-mouth marketing strategies, one of the direct marketing tools, with an increase in sales and revenues in exchange for customer reassurance of the product.

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6-phsical evidence 6th p from 7ps of marketing

The evidence from its name expresses the evidence of the existence of your brand or product in a physical form and form that hangs in the mind of the customer and its the 6th p from 7ps of  marketing mix.

For example, the packaging of the product, the colors used, the phrases written on the product, as well as the verbal phrases spoken in the advertisements for the brand are all proofs and evidence of the product.

Cards printed on customers and phrases distinctive products, as well as everything that distinguishes your product from others such as cooking color and smelt.

The marketing mix plan and the continued strong presence on social media platforms are very important and are a testament to the brand, with, of course, shared funded ads, and posting photos and videos.

One of the very important things that document your relationship with customers is after-sales service, solving customer problems and putting them in mind and providing what they need we talked about that in previous points and we repeat it The most important thing is customer satisfaction with the service provided.

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7-process ine of marketing strategy tool

Here in our last p of 7ps of marketing mix; The process is the process of operating the product or services and reaching customers or the target group, even the processes after the delivery of your product all pour into the process and we will explain that.

The operation process includes the manufacture of the product with quality conforming to specifications, as well as the supervision and review of packaging processes.

In addition, the processes of delivery, shipping, and payment methods, the more easy, simple and uncomplicated the sales and receipt processes, the greater the number of sales and revenues to an extent that you do not imagine, this is a point that many overlook.

In your marketing strategy from 7ps of marketing mix, review complaints, suggestions, or reasons for returns to the company and bald defects and errors that the customer resents to gain their trust.

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Frequently asked questions about 7ps of marketing mix

Below, we’ll answer some of your questions about 7ps for the marketing mix:

Why is 7p of marketing mix important

The seven elements of the marketing mix are an important tool for different companies to create value for their products and services and gain a competitive advantage in their target markets, as they help companies review and define their strategies for marketing products and services, and guide customers to choose their goods or services over those of competitors.

Who introduced 7 P’s of marketing

E. Jerome McCarthy is credited with the introduction of the 7 Ps of marketing in 1960, when he published his book Basic Marketing. This model combined the original 4 Ps of marketing (product, price, promotion and place) with additional elements such as people, physical evidence and processes.

In 1981, Bernard H. Booms and Mary J. Bitner further refined the traditional marketing mix by proposing an expanded version of McCarthy's 7 Ps. The 7Ps of marketing are now widely accepted and used by marketers to evaluate and reevaluate their strategies in order to meet the changing needs of customers.

The 7Ps of marketing consist of product, pricing, place, promotion, physical evidence, people and processes, which when combined create a comprehensive guide to effective marketing practices.

In this article we explained, what are 7ps of marketing mix 2023. With the refutation of each p in the marketing mix plan, for example, we explained the first four, which are the product, price, place, and promotion. Then we explained the other three: people, physical evidence, and process. Keep in mind that your success is based on the satisfaction and happiness of your customers with the product or service provided, solve their problems, consider their opinions and suggestions, and know how to implement and promote them in the appropriate manner appropriate with your customer.


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